> > > > >When winter begins...> the north of Thailand is one of the most popular Dream Destinations where many tourists head towards. Its attractiveness are cold weather, sea mist, bright shining stars on the sky and abundant nat">

Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai

        When winter begins... the north of Thailand is one of the most popular Dream Destinations where many tourists head towards. Its attractiveness are cold weather, sea mist, bright shining stars on the sky and abundant natural surroundings especially in ‘Chiangrai province’, the northernmost tip of Thailand. This tourists guide book will tell you more about this province, you’ll love it.


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai


The northern of Thailand,  the most landscapes are mountains surrounded by sea mist and graceful culture. That’s right. We’re talking about ‘Chiangrai province’, a small province which location is near the mountains. Who love nature, adventure, fresh air, cold weather, blooming colorful flowers and charming city life Lanna Style. Let’s go...


  • Winter season is the most suitable time to visit Chiangrai
  • Many of New Year celebrations of hill tribes will be held during new year.
  • Shopping at Maesai Market. Don’t forget your passport to cross border conveniently.
  • Kok River Trip *Should wear long sleeves t-shirt, shorts, apply sunscreen and wear life jacket along the trip.

  Climate  - The average temperature is 24 Celsius.
  Weather  -  Chiangrai locate in the north of Thailand and most landscapes are high mountains. The weather is winter is quite cold average 15 degress celcius. On the top of the hill the lowest temperature is about 0-5 degress celcius. Winter is the most popular season for tourists.

  How to go ? 

  • Mae Fah Luang Chiangrai Airport  :  One of six airports of Airport Authority of Thailand which is available to service tourists from Suvarnabhumi airport and Donmueang airport. Rental car and other services are available.
  • By car  :  Rent car from airport  Click here
  • By train  :  Take the train from Hua Lam Phong train station to Lampang province or Chiangmai province then take the car to Chiangrai
  • By bus :  Take the bus from the bus terminal on Kampangpetch 2 Road

  Travelling by Domestic transportation in Chiangrai

  • Blue minibus  :  fare starts at 10 Baht
  • Three-wheel bike  :  fare starts at 20 Baht
  • Rental vehicle :  bicycle, motorbike, car


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai

What you should have in your bag

  • Baggage – Suitcase, sweater*, scarf, Hat, Sneakers, medicine, Personal belongings and any medications necessary.
  • Backpack – Camera -bag, Sunglasses, umbrella, Pocket book, Mobile phone **, notebook and pen, Charger, Wallet,  Power Bank***

*for winter season from October to February each year

**Download AOT Application in IOS system and Android today Click here!    

***A Power bank is not allowed to load on the plane. You can bring it on the plane though. (As long as it doesn’t have a capacity over 32,000 mAh)


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai


   7 Hills to see stars 

         Chiangrai is well-known for beautiful landscape especially high hills at the end of horizon surrounded by sea mist and winter breeze which always attract tourists to visit once in a lifetime. That’s the reason why tourists always have the idea to travel here.

  1. Doi Chang The biggest place to see cherry blossom : There are more than 500,000 Wild Himalayan trees or known as Thai sakura, coffee gardens, sightseeing points, sacred water pool and the Buddha statues are enshrined.  Doi Chang Read more...
    Tips: Wild Himalayan flowers bloom during winter season (the end of December – February)
  2. Doi Mae Salong Location of the village of Santikhiri or formerly known as Doi Mae Salong, the villagers migrated from Myanmar. Its attractiveness are tea plantation and tea production, horse riding to see around the village and blooming Wild Himalayan flowers, which you can see only in winter season, along the way up to the hill.  Doi Mae Salong Read more...
  3. Doi Pha Tang Thai-Lao sightseeing point is at height of 1,635 meters. Here you can see sea mist whole year. The villages of Chin Ho and Hmong people locate here. There are various kinds of temperate plants for example Chinese plum, peach, Chinese pear, apple and tea. You also see cherry blossom here from December to January. Doi Pha Tang Read more...
  4. Doi Wawee You can feel the simple way of life of Chinese community here and also can see tea and temperate fruits plantation in descending order along the hill in serene atmosphere. Next to the village there’s ‘Doi Kad Pee’ sightseeing point from which you can see thick sea mist floating in the valley and magnificent Doi Chang mountain range. Doi Wawee Read more...
  5. Doi Hua Mae Kham The big village of hill tribe is located here. From the village there’s sightseeing point from which you can see sunrise and beautiful sea mist. The hightlight which you should never missed in November is blooming bright yellow ‘Mexican sunflower’ along the hill.  Doi Hua Mae Kham Read more...
  6. Doi Chang Mub  The highest hill of the Nang Non mountain range. Here the weather is comfortably cold whole year. Doi Chang Mub was developed to be the Arboretum park where there are collections of local plants and rare wild trees for example Azalea, Wild Himalayan,Lady’s Slipper. These were growed naturally among pine forest from which you can see the Khong River. Doi Chang Mub Read more...
  7. Doi Tung Previously this is the hill which was deforested by hill tribe. Currently it is improved to be the Doi Tung Development Project according to the royal idea. The project runs reforestation, temperate vegetables plantation, agriculture, coffee and macadamia plantation and support hill tribe to work here instead of opium plantation. Doi Tung Read more...

        The conquest of Phu Chi Fa  Phu Chi Fa Forest Park’  is the most popular sunrise and sea mist sightseeing point in Chiangrai. Phu Chi Fa is a hill of which shape of the top looks like direct point to the sky,on its top there is a grassland and its cliff is slop towards Laos border.During winter season the sceneary looks more magnificent.  Phu Chi Fa Forest Park Read more...

TIPS   You can stayat Ban Rom Fah Thong Tang (1.5 kms from sightseeing point). From here you can walk up to Phu Chi Fa at dawn and see Wild Himalayan blossom along the way (January to February) and blooming Orchid tree flowers on the hill(February)


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai


  7 Tea Plants & Gardens Up North 

  1. Boonrawd Farm  or known as ‘Singh Park’. It is agrotourism place where there is beautiful nature in the northern valley atmosphere. There are many kinds of plants: fruits, Oolong tea, dry crops, vegetables including various kinds of flowers which were arranged for tourists to take photo. The last activity of the program is to have dinner and see sunset at Phu Pirom restaurant. Boonrawd Farm Read more...
  2. 101 Tea Plantation  Tea gardens on Doi Mae Salong: You will see tea plantations on the hills as if fresh green staircase sloping down to the hill of which the mountain range is the background and sea mist at dawn. You can taste and buy one of the best international teas.  101 Tea Plantation Read more...
    Recommend: Oolong tea No.12 ( good flavor and aroma, rare: can harvest only once in each year)
  3. Choui Fong Tea Plantation  With moe than 40 years experience in tea field, therefore, this is the tea garden which produces one of the best quality teas in Thailand. You can drink hot aroma tea and satisfy with beautiful fresh green garden around where you should not forget to take photo to keep good moment.  Choui Fong Tea Plantation Read more...
  4. Wawee Tea Plantation  The first Oolong tea plantation in Thailand where there is magnificent fresh scenary of bright green garden sloping down the hill and the simple way of life of Chin Ho. Here is one of the most beautiful agrotourism places and always impresses tourists.  Wawee Tea Plantation Read more...
  5. Boa Noi strawberry garden  Let’s tast sweet strawberries from organic strawberry farm. Enjoy seeing magnificent scenary and fresh air in romantic atmosphere which give you impressive moment. Boa Noi strawberry garden Read more...
  6. 2000 Tea Plantation Sea mist like heaven in Doi Ang Khang! Even to come here is quite difficult but it’s worth to come and see the magnificent of nature here. It is surrounded by sea mist. When the mist is clearer, you can see the green scenary of tea garden sloping down the hill. 2000 Tea Plantation Read more...
  7. Ing Chandra grape garden Another beautiful agrotourism place where you can drink coffee comfortably among nature field and see beautiful rows of grape trees. Enjoy pick up and eat fresh sweet grape from its trees. ( Now here already started to grow strawberry)  Ing Chandra grape garden Read more...


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai

  7 Highlights you should never missed   

  1. Golden Triangle  Or known as ‘Sob Ruak’ where the rivers from Thailand, Myanmar and Laos join the same stream linking to the three countries. If you want to see from birdeye view, you have to go to Doi Chiang Miang from which you can see graceful impressive view whole year.  Golden Triangle Read more...
  2. Baandum Museum  An educational contemporary artistic landmark created by Ajarn Tawan Dutchanee. With its unique style. The interior includes a temple, houses, pavilion, and exhibition room. Rare and interesting set of collections can also be found.  Baandum Museum Read more...
  3. Mae Sai District  Located in the northernmost part of Thailand. The area serves as a border-crossing of non-expensive merchandise from China, located close by is Taa-Kee-Lek province of Burma. Thus, creates an independent trading zone. Popular among tourists for cheap local goods, and also giving an impression of visiting 2 countries in the same time.  Mae Sai District Read more...
  4. Rafting in Kok River The river Kok flows throw Baan Ta in the city of Chiang Rai. With over 130km of length, it has been a tourist attraction for boat trip sightseeing in the midst of nature. Visitors can also choose to stop by local tribe (Kariang) village and embark on an elephant trekking trip.  Rafting in Kok River Read more...
  5. Wat Rong Khun A must see of Chiang Rai. An eye-catching marble white temple designed and created by combining art in harmony with Lanna Tradition. Under the craftsmanship of Ajarn Chalermchai. The temple is decorated in white with shiny silver pattern. The beauty of this place is often compared to heaven on earth. Wat Rong Khun Read more...
  6. Phra tamnak doi tung (Doi tung royal villa) Formally a court for royal duty. A place with beautifully combined Lanna Cultural style and Switzerland’s Chalet. The palace is surrounded by a splendid garden with numerous specials of flowers. Especially, in winter when light fogs can be view at mountain peaks. In front of the palace is where Mae Faa Luang Garden located with collections of over 70 cold climate florals, perennial plants and climbing plants.  Phra tamnak doi tung Read more...
  7. Clock Tower of Chiang Rai One of the world’s most stunning clock tower. Located in the center of Chiang Rai with the same artistic style as Rong Kunn Temple. Every night at 19.00/20.00/21.00 pm. Light, sound and Chiang Rai’s musical performance is conducted. Now it’s one of the provinces tourist attraction.  Clock Tower of Chiang Rai Read more...

        Praying respect to The Lord Buddha’s Relics 
            Phra That Doi Tung  A sacred location containing the bones of The Holy Lord Buddha. Being the first time for Langkawong Buddhism to be established in Lanna-Thailand. Annual worshipping festive season on full moon night in February have brought many Buddhist from around Thailand and neighboring countries to this holy place. Phra That Doi Tung Read more...


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai


   7 Most Luxury Hotels 


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai



   7 Most Relaxing Hotels 

  • Rasa Boutique Hotel
    Address : 789/7 Phaholyothin, T. Wiang, A.Muang Chiang Rai
    Price : 2,500 Baht

  • Amarin Resort
    Address 179/1 Moo 20, Koktoong Road, T. Robwieng, A.Muang Chiang Rai
    Price : 3,000 Baht

  • M Boutique Resort
    Address 515 Moo.7 Rop Wiang, City Center, Chiang Rai
    Price : 2,000 – 2,700 Baht

  • I Am Chiang Rai Resort
    Address 241 M.8 Pakha-Patoeng T.Sansai A.Muang Chiang Rai
    Price : 1,700 – 4,000 Baht
  • Nai Suan Bed And Breakfast
    Address : 11 Soi Kongchang, Sankhongluang Rd., T.Rop Wiang, A.Muang, Chiang Rai, City Center
    Price : 1,400 – 2,300 Baht

  • Happynest Hostel
    Address 931 Phaholyotin Road, T. Wiang, A. Muang , City Center, Chiang Rai
    Price : 300 – 1,600 Baht

  • Fun D Hostel
    Address 53 Phahonyothin Rd. T.Wiang A.Muang, City Center, Chiang Rai
    Price : 300 – 1,400 Baht


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai


  Enjoy Dining at 7 Local Famous Restaurants   

  • Chivit Tammada
    Category : 
    International Cuisine, Desserts, Café.

    Opens : from 09.00 am – 19.00 pm
  • Aunty Ngiew Curry Rice Noodles
    Category : Fermanted Rice Noodles, Northern Style Curry Noodles (Kao-soi), Kanjin Rice (Lemongrass steamed rice with minced pork wrapped in Pandanus leaf), Nang Pong (Crispy Buffalo Skin)
    Opens : from 08.00 am – 15.00 pm
  • Salung Kam
    Category : Café, Local Cuisine.
    Opens : from 10.30 am – 22.30 pm
  • Lulam Chiang Rai
    Category : Spicy Minced Pork Salad, Hangley Curry, Namprik Num (Chilli paste), Sai-aue (Sausage with minced pork and pig’s intestine).
    Opens : from 10.30 am – 22.30 pm


  • Ping Ping Potchana at Mae-Salong
    Category : Mantou (Chinese Steamed Bun), Pork’s Leg (Ka-Moo), Black Chicken in Chinese Herbal Soup.
    Opens : from 06.00 am – 21.00 pm

  • Pu Lae
    Category : Northern Fine Cuisine.
    Opens : from 11.00 am – 23.00 pm

  • Ananpura
    Category : Hot Pan Sausage, Roti with green curry, Chilli paste with crispy pork.
    Opens : from 12.00 pm – midnight.

   A-must Try!  

         ‘Bualoy Mue-Tue’  (Balls of Flour in sweet coconut milk, Mue Tue means handheld. A famous dessert spot in Chiang Rai’s Night Bazaar. Called by the name due to no seatings provided in the shop area. Bualoy Mue-Tue Read more...
Must try menu : includes Bualoy with salted egg, Bualoy with Ice-Cream, Bualoy with colourful flour strips.
Opens : from 18.00 pm – 20.45 pm

  Jib Café Chom View   


Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai


  7 Winter Shopping Destinations   

  1. Chiang Rai’s Evening Market Located in the same area as the morning market. Not faraway from Chiang Rai’s Clock Tower with a touch of charming local style.  Chiang Rai’s Evening Market Read more…
  2. Muan walking street  'Muan' in northern dialact means  fun. The walking street is packed with entertainment on every corner, various local food and Lanna unique merchandise. A local dance floor (Ramwong) can also be found and is open to everyone.  Muan walking street Read more…
  3. Mae Sai – Kee Lek Market  An independent trading zone giving visitors the impression of shopping between two countries. With numerous jewelries, colorful gems, dried tasty food, liquors, cigarettes, soup and herbal products. Mae Sai – Kee Lek Market Read more…
  4. Teenager’s Popular Market  Selling souvenirs made by mountain tribes. Includes clothing, accessories, bags, handmade merchandises, wood crafted house decorations. Moreover, the market held an open air beer garden and varieties of live shows that are different day by day. Teenager’s Popular Market Read more…
  5. CentralPlaza Chiangrai A modern complex in the heart of Chiang Rai. Equipped with merchandise and services to fulfill the needs of metropolitan people. CentralPlaza Chiangrai Read more…
  6. Kad Chiang Hai Ram leuk Also known by the name of Chiang Rai Walking Street with merchants dressing up in their traditional Lanna costume (called Mor-Hom). There’re also Thai Traditional Dance show (Ramwong), Open air movie screening and handmade artistic merchandise arts and crafts.  Kad Chiang Hai Ram leuk Read more…
  7. Kad Luang The Flee Market of Chiang Rai or so called the local government flee market. Opens from early morning until late night. With various selections of dried food, fresh food, snacks, utilities, clothing, fruits. The place is often fully packed throughout the whole day. Kad Luang The Flee Market of Chiang Rai Read more…

    7 Most Popular Souvenirs

   1. Tea
   2. Handmade merchandises
   3. goods made from mulberry paper
   4. wine
   5. cold climate fruits and vegetables
   6. silks
   7. local northern sausage (sai-oua)


    Shopping & Enjoy before departing at the airport

  Thai airways restaurant
​  Puff & Pie Corner
​  Doitung Souvenir shop
​  Mapas
​  Huanmanee Foot Massage



Guide Book Issue 7: Enjoy Winter Fog up Hill & Experience Stargazing at Night in Chiang Rai


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